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International Day of the Girl
UN SDG School Club Event

EVENT REPORT on the students Event held on Tuesday December 6, 2016, 10:00am-1;00 pm
Room 12, Conference Building, United Nations

Education Solutions Initiative for the Era of Sustainable Development Goals 2017 International Education, Training and Leadership Conference

1.      Key issues and challenges addressed in the event

The issues and challenges discussed in the event include; (i) Early childhood education and the problems affecting children and education; (ii) Effects of poverty on children education; (iii) Child protection including early child marriage, children trafficking and sex trafficking, working long hours, working with militia groups; (iv) Poor policy implementations; (v) Social inclusion and children rights in relation to mental illness amongst children, disabilities, and economically disadvantaged children; (vi) Importance of education in today’s society and the role education plays in advancing the 2030 agenda of the sustainable developmental goal; (vii) Value of the girl child and the importance of educating girls; (viii) Power of storytelling; (ix) Use of media to influence the sustainable development goals.

People in Attendance

2.      Key messages, outcomes, recommendations

• There are many factors that hinder education among children especially in developing countries. Such factors include poor policies, lack of resources, poor nutrition, disabilities and mental retardation.  Policies should be implemented to support children in these impoverished nations and protect them from harm. Due to lack of resources, children are being sold into trafficking to get money and are not given the opportunity to go to school. Number of early child marriages is reducing but has not yet been totally eradicated. Girls are married off every day to older men and have no say in what they want to do because girls are seen as assets and nothing more in most of these countries. More policies need to be enforced to protect young children from these areas.

• Non-profit organizations such as the United Nations have made efforts to provide for children all around the world and ensure they get quality education and are safe from harm. Systems such as the CASH system was enforced where monetary gifts were sent to poor nations to provide basic needs such as food, clothing, and medicine. More like this organization needs to be created to meet the needs of children. Another body created to tackle illiteracy in developing countries is the “School in a Box”. This program is designed to provide all the basic equipment needed to teach children in a class including eraser, chalk board, chalk, pencils, and pens e. t. c This instruments are included in a box and can accommodate 40 students and one teacher. Some problems that foreign organizations encounter when reaching out to impoverished nations are corrupt officials and cultural clash. Funds are raised by many organization to help the people in many nations but due to corrupt government, the monies are used for personal use instead of their allocated sectors.

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• The wealth of a nation is not in the natural resources, rather it is in the human capital. When a nation educates the people, there is a higher chance that the nation will do much better. Education is of utmost importance and should be treated as such. In order for a nation to develop, there needs to be a system that educates people in areas where the nation is lacking. For example, a country with high importation rate of agricultural produce needs to educate its citizen and boost its agricultural sector. In many countries, the girl child is ignored and deprived of the opportunity to get an education. Value needs to placed on the girl child to boost the overall economy of the nation. Instead of giving out the girl child in marriage at a young age, the girl should be allowed to go to school so she can add to the general revenue of the country.

• The advancement of technology has made it easier for information to be transferred. Technology is now a part of the school curriculum used in teaching in the classroom. To make education more enjoyable different technologies have been designed for students especially those who are visual learners. Awareness of social issues such as poverty, discrimination, abuse, war, and so on, is made easier by using social media.

Speaker Interaction

3. Conclusions by the Chair of the event

The chair of the event Miss. Ivan ended the event by giving a brief summary of all the topics covered as well as addressed questions raised by the students in attendance. Students were allowed to ask questions and give suggestions on how to make the program better. It was agreed upon at the end of the event that a student body was to be formed to address politics and how it affects students. This student body was created and the names of each student was written down for reference purposes.

1. List of Participants and Presenters

Facilitator: Anthonia Ngoka, Secretary UNESCO Center for Global Education


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