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Improving Education Internationally

Committed Global Educational Solutions

The Center for SDG Global Education USA, in commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG-4) and the related targets, has enacted a call to action on education solutions, aiming to provide education and skills that would help teachers, school proprietors and principals, education directors, and administrators work according to the global vision as proclaimed by world leaders.


Our Goals

Acting on this, the first education and training sessions focused on the current mission of involving principals and the process of upgrading missions to the new agenda. Issues raised highlighted the need to focus on the following:

  • School Infrastructures
  • Technology Education and Resources
  • Human Development
  • Improved Teaching and Learning Materials
  • Training for School Personnel, Head Teachers, and Non-Teaching Staff
  • Corporate Partnership Between Schools
  • Culture and Language of the Environment


The outcome of the training rested on the following recommendations for future work:

  • To establish and sustain an inter-agency core group that will ensure the following, including but not limited to: continuing and enhancing the discussions on SDG-4 and targets, establishing initiatives between and among agencies, building capacity of school heads (principals) from across regions.
  • Develop an Educators Co-Op Model, establish Education Solutions Global Ambassadors and advisory councils in following up with further training.
  • Build on the Education Solutions Initiative for integrated programming and examine the environmental areas towards developing and implementing joint programs and maximizing international school resources for better outcomes and greater impact on communities.
  • Engage with the African Union Observer Mission to the UN, and other key stakeholders for the inclusion of pertinent issues raised from the workshop and training, establish pilot schools and work with educators in developing comprehensive curriculum for the 2030 agenda for improved and sustainable education.