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Center for SDG Global Education USA 2019 International Education, Training & Leadership Conference

In addressing the 2030 Development Agenda successes, the Center for SDG Global Education USA emphasized that education is the major key to achieving the development agenda. This implies that efforts must be geared toward ensuring that the Sustainable Development Goals are provided with operational tools to aid implementation success.

At 2016 World Teacher's Day, the Center for SDG Global Education USA's Chief noted that the road map for the new agenda, the Education 2030 Framework for Action, should highlight the fact that teachers are fundamental for equitable and quality education and, as such, must be "adequately trained, recruited and remunerated, motivated and supported within well-resourced, efficient and effectively governed systems.".

Post Third Education Solutions International Conference

Implementing Sustainable Development Goal-4

July 1st concept

4th Annual Education Conference

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The registration fee is Non Refundable

$250 per participant/educator or $100 per student and Donation in support of community classrooms

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Educator and NGOs

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Center for SDG Global Education USA

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Model USNDG Diplomat Program


2017 Education Solutions-Initiative for the Era of Sustainable
Development Goals: International Education Conference

Theme: SDG-4, Character and Leadership
Education in the Development Agenda

April 27-29, 2017, United Nations Headquarters, New York USA

UN Security Council and Peace Education

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The Model UN-UNESCO Education: UN Security Council and Peace Education

The Model UN-UNESCO Education is an Sustainable Development Goal-
16 Initiative on peace education. The program will provide education and
simulation about the work of the UN Security Council and work participants
towards developing a toolkit on UNSCR 2250 and enact action for
HUG4PEACE Club in schools. Each years' participants are decorated with
HUG4PEACE Marshall and are admitted into HUG4PEACE Ambassadors.
The Model UN-UNESCO Education Programs include:

• Visit to World Bank
• Tour of the United Nations
• Global Peace Education Experience
• Peace Education Promoting Peace
• SDG-16 Education and Tool-Kit
• Tour of USA Capitol
• Security Council Observation
• UN Security Council Resolution
• Research Skills, Speaking and Negotiation

What to Learn:

• Conflicts around the World
• Building Sustainable Peace
• Interactive Peace Simulation
• Peace Negotiation
• International Friendship
• Diplomatic Education
• Transformation Education

Program Schedule: The Program is a 4 day event from Aug 18-21...

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Youthpreneur Training Education Solutions Training
Youthpreneur Information Youthpreneur Form Education Solutions Information

3rd Annual Education Solutions International Conference

Vital Information

Third Education Solutions International Conference Registration Form

2018 Education Solutions Conference


Event on Education

Event on Education

Event on Education

Education Solutions Training Strategy

Conference Schedule Conference Working Team SA Conference Report

Final Program April 14, 2018

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Dr. Okia& Dr. Hsu

Dr. Ada Okika, Chair, Dr. Hui-Yin Hsu, Co-Chair, 2018 Education Solutions Conference

H.E. Anatolio Ndong Mba

H.E. Anatolio Ndong Mba, Perm Rep, Mission of Equatorial Guinea, Chair for Opening Session

Dr. Denis Antoine

His Excellency Dr. Denis Antoine, Head of Delegation of Grenada to China

Dr. Ibrahim Hassan Dankwamdo

Dr. Ibrahim Hassan Dankwamdo, Executive Governor, Gombe State, Nigeria

Dr. Salvador Jara-Guerrero

Dr. Salvador Jara-Guerrero, Former National Undersecretary, Higher Education of Mexico for Teacher Education

Dr. Ann Converse Shelly

Dr. Ann Converse Shelly, World Federation of Associations for Teachers Edu

Andres Henriquez

Andres Henriquez, VP of STEM Learning in Communities, New York Hall of Science

Dr. Nathan M. Castillo

Dr. Nathan M. Castillo, University of Pennsylvania & UNESCO Education Consultant

Dr. Shiang-Kwei Wang

Dr. Shiang-Kwei Wang, Associate Dean, School of Education, New York Institute of Technology

Dr. Robert Feirsen

Dr. Robert Feirsen, Director, School of Leadership and Technology, New York Institute of Technology

Dr. Hui-Yin Hsu

Dr. Hui-Yin Hsu, Chair, Teacher Education Department, New York Institute of Technology

Dr. Melda Yildiz

Dr. Melda Yildiz, Chair, M.S. in Instructional Technology, New York Institute of Technology

Dr. Minaz Fazal

Dr. Minaz Fazal, Assistant Professor, Teacher Education, New York Institute of Technology

Mr. Brandon Brumsic

Mr. Brandon Brumsic, Chairperson, STEM program at Westbury School District, New York

Huei-Ling Wang

Huei-Ling Wang, Chief of Curriculum and Instruction, an elementary teacher at DengKong Elementary School, Tamshui, Taiwan

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2018 SGD4 Train The Educators Workshop Letter

2018 SGD4 Training Workshop Program
2018 SGD4 Train The Educators Workshop Program
2018 SGD4 Train The Educators Workshop Outcome Targets